ObamaCare is Doomed

It pains me to say (since I’m a supporter of ObamaCare) but it looks like opponents of the law are going to get a lot of what they want. 

In the final day of arguments before the U.S. Supreme Court over the law’s constitutionality, enough justices seemed (to me at least) to be sympathetic to the idea that the entire law should be scrapped–or at least to the notion that if the insurance mandate is deemed unconstitutional (likely based on Tuesday’s arguments), then other key components of the law don’t work.  That would include guaranteed issue and community rating–the heart of the law–but it also could include other parts as well. 

The court also heard arguments over the Medicaid expansion.  That went better for ObamaCare supporters, but still left me feeling nervous.  The debate here is whether the Medicaid expansion is structured such that states have no choice but to take it or risk losing existing Medicaid funding–which could be deemed unfair.

The whole three days of arguments left me with a sinking feeling.  Let’s face it.  Conservatives stole the show.  Just getting this far is a huge victory for them.  I’m not saying they are right.  I’m saying I think they’re going to win and that makes me sad.

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8 Responses to ObamaCare is Doomed

  1. Chacko Kurian says:

    Free markets work if you let them – and there are some things that need to be done to make the health care market a better market place but Obamacare is not it. It is very hard to take back an entitlement – especially one that is likely to get more expensive.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I am sick and tired of paying for other peoples medical care. Have you gone to the emergency room lately and received a bill? Well folks you are paying for all of those folks in the emergency room who are uninsured. Hospitals have to recoop their money somehow and they just pass those costs on to you and I. If it is unconstitional to require folks to pay a fine if they do not have insurance than take that out. But certainly require them to pay their way so we don’t have to pay for them out of our pocket.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Good to know that the President of a research group is biased. I would offer up that research your newletter produces as questionable. The best research and reporting news agencies are neutral and utilize bloggers and readers to produce contrary opinions.

  4. Jeff S says:

    Understand that everyone has a right to their opinion, and as one who works in the healthcare sector I agree that some reforms are needed, but how can anyone – regardless of which side of the aisle they favor – agree with the way this monstrosity was passed through Congress??? “We need to pass this so we can find out what’s in it” will resonate in my mind as long as I live. The mantra throughout this election process should be, “who’s going to pay for it?”

  5. If you support OBAMACARE then explain to me why it has funding for 16,000 IRS Agents in it? Is that where you go for the flu? The bill is wrong and does not address the issues. Its nothing but a hack job.

  6. Susan says:

    Free markets work if you let them, but Health Care has not been a free market for generations, nor will it ever be again. If you favor a free market approach in healthcare, only people who can pay can have access to healthcare. That is a free market. Shall an ambulance respond only if you have cash, a registered bond, or verified evidence of insurance? Should a hospital have to treat you only if you bring cash? Right now we taxpayers pay over $10B a year for those who cannot pay and yet those who oppose healthcare reform wish to shut their eyes and ears to that fact.

  7. Bryan Donovan says:

    The president of this “Corporate Research Group” supports ObamaCare. How do I unsubscribe?

  8. Anonymous says:

    I work with people on a daily basis who are starting to experience the benefit of “the Health Care Reform” outlined by the Obama administration. Frankly, if anyone cares to remember, this all began during the BUSH era and the costs to Medicare recipients were astronomical.

    I am now observing very positive reactions from the people I meet daily regarding the “Affordable Care Act”. Medicare out of pocket costs are going down and frankly moving us toward more affordable options for those people who are on “fixed incomes” – generally SS income only.

    I do not comprehend how anyone can believe what came before was better. It was disastrous for the people I serve.

    Why no one is able to recognize this clearly does not work with the 99% who are struggling to make ends meet. The Affordable Health Care Act is assisting those in need, and frankly shame on anyone who is not consciously aware of the growing number of seniors and their limited incomes, these programs are becoming more affordable for them, and thus their anxiety decreases.

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